Advanced Consumer Engagement for Retailers On Display at NRF Big Show


In today’s instant response and personalized interaction culture, providing actionable insights and attribution for the retailer’s digital consumer engagement activities from the point of engagement through the purchase at point of sale is demanded.

Retailers use advertising, social media and other digital and in store channels to promote products and encourage consumers to shop in their stores. Most retailers use promotions and offers as a method to attract and incent consumers. However, some of the biggest inhibitors retailers face with their consumer engagement marketing activities are the lack of actionable insights, attribution and real-time control of the campaign once it is underway.

Sparkfly’s turnkey platform enables the real time presentation of offers and provides item-level redemption tracking of digital promotions, from any media channel to the physical point of sale. Capturing the purchases made in-store and mapping them back to originating media.

In partnership with Accuvia Software, Sparkfly is presenting an integrated platform the supports this singular, and personalized offer approach to drive increased in-store sales. To visit with us at the NRF Big Show, please visit and select a meeting time.