How to Close the Loop on Digital Promotions

You want the most out of your digital promotions. When you spend precious time and money on a campaign, it is imperative to get the most from your efforts. Not only do you want to see the momentary increase in sales that results from a promotion, but you want to build loyalty among your customers. When you are able to tie your customers’ purchases to their online activities, you will have the knowledge you need to find customers with similar desires, lifestyles, and purchasing preferences.

Optimized Digital Promotions

The best way to optimize your digital promotions is to synthesize all of the data you can about each point-of-sale transaction. For instance, if a customer finds an offer on Facebook, they can save it and then later redeem it in your store. When they redeem the offer, you will have all of the data you need to attract that customer again. You can put new promotions on Facebook and build your loyal customer database.

The possibilities are endless. You can use a closed-loop digital promotion system to discover what messaging has more appeal to customers. Or, you might learn that a certain offer appeals more to one type of client than another. When you associate that finding with their point-of-sale behaviors, you can begin to customize your digital campaigns according to your specific business need.

To go a step further, a coupon redemption can be tied to a call to action. Immediately following a purchase, you can thank your customer for their patronage and prompt them to download your mobile app, sign up for an email newsletter, or visit your website where they might find more promotions. This way, you can build customer loyalty to your business.

Mobile Devices and GPS Power

With GPS technology tied to mobile devices, you can even discover where your clients are and communicate offers to them. With an integrated promotion system, you can push promotions to your best customers according to their location. If they are close to your restaurant and it is nearing lunchtime, you can push a promotion to them, or send a notification that reminds them of a coupon they saved earlier.

With digital promotions, you can be sure that each coupon is used by only one person and at only one of your locations. There is no guesswork as to where an offer was discovered, how long it was saved prior to redemption, or the exact time and day it was redeemed. Further, when you analyze the data on a closed-loop promotional campaign, you will discover exactly what items were in the customer’s basket, allowing you to capture and analyze even more data about their consumer habits.

The Best Way to Close the Loop

The very best way to close the loop on your digital promotions is to use a system that tracks all digital coupons from the initial discovery point clear through to a post-purchase call to action. If you are implementing digital solutions for your promotions, find a company that ties digital coupons to a point-of-sale action. When you jump to this next level, your marketing campaigns will be all the more potent and fruitful.