Improving Franchisee Relations Through Marketing Transparency

Every franchised organization strives to improve communications between the corporate support team and the field. The franchisees push corporate to optimize their investment and, in most organizations, the relationship is both friendly and tense. Franchisee dues are scrutinized by the business owners and return on investment can often be difficult to prove. Technology can be leveraged to provide greater transparency, and thus peace of mind, to the field. To be successful the technology resources must update in real-time and provide a customized view of the franchisee’s business.

To address this need for our franchised clients, Sparkfly developed a multi-tenant, role based Offer Management portal. The same portal that Offer Managers at corporate use to create and manage offers across the entire enterprise can be customized to provide franchisees “reporting only” access limited to their locations. Some organizations are giving Franchisees the option of activating optional campaigns within their markets through the Sparkfly portal. The web-based platform provides corporate and franchisees with real-time campaign performance tracking including item level point of sale data. This transaction data provides minute-to-minute ROI data to the business owners. Marketing transparency builds trust between corporate and the field and improves franchisee satisfaction ratings.

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