Welcome to the Sparkfly Blog

Sparkfly closes the loop on digital promotions.

The Retail, Hospitality and Entertainment industries increasingly recognize the need to dedicate more resources towards the online and mobile spaces, and ensuring that their advertising, loyalty programs, coupons and other marketing initiatives are taking advantage of today’s new digital landscape. However, due to challenges with legacy point-of-sale systems, companies are finding it hard to seamlessly integrate mobile and digital without undergoing a full upgrade to their technological infrastructure.

Enter Sparkfly. Through extensive investment of resources, our platform was designed to connect the digital and physical worlds in real-time, and allow companies to bypass their outdated POS technology and finally jump into the next generation of marketing.

It’s time to change the status quo and bring the disruption to the industry that the market is craving. This is our goal at Sparkfly! Stay tuned to our blog to keep up to speed on how we’re doing it!