Introducing The New Sparkfly

Introducing: The New Sparkfly Logo

We are thrilled to announce our new look and accompanying website. Our new brand reflects our philosophy. A philosophy rooted in relationships and results.

The Sparkfly Philosophy

We believe in more than technology. We believe in providing answers. We’re focused on creating positive outcomes for all of our partners. That kind of focus comes from a desire to actually help our partners and their businesses thrive, instead of just selling tech. We believe in working hand-in-hand with our partners, seeking solutions that make their businesses better. We don’t consider ourselves a run-of-the-mill “tech solutions provider.” We’re problem solvers with unique experience, knowledge and answers, focused on making digital marketing work in the real world.

With Sparkfly, you’ll see exactly how, why and how well your digital marketing is working.

We’ve developed a turnkey, patent-protected technology platform that integrates directly with your POS system, connecting the digital and physical marketing worlds in real-time.

But we’re more than our unique technology. We’re also a group of dedicated problem solvers who know how to focus that tech specifically for your needs.

We use a new process called Relationship Realization to:

  • Hold all of your digital marketing together seamlessly

  • Increase overall efficiency and profitability

  • Avoid infrastructure replacement costs

  • Give you more effective and useful customer data

That means our team makes sure you’ll no longer wonder if your digital marketing is effective. You’ll see real results from real customers in the real world.

Sparkfly is the first technology platform focused on fully realizing the customer relationship from digital platforms to physical contact to in-store sales.

A few ways we help create real results for you:

  • We track ROI in real time with real-time media attribution and testing

  • We make all loyalty programs work harder with support for traditional and next-generation loyalty programs

  • We make POS systems play nice by connecting multiple POS systems simply and seamlessly

  • We test in realtime so you’re always in the know through offer effectiveness testing

  • We deliver data that shows real-world value through uniquely custom in-store solutions

  • We dynamically generate single use codes for every customer tied to a campaign and channel, tracking purchase behavior and eliminating fraud

  • We help you be more efficient through increased operational and accounting efficiency

  • Finally, we’re with you as part of your team, through every step, to make sure you get the most out of your digital marketing and data

Our technology platform is unique, but so is the involvement of our team. Let us know how we can help you make your digital marketing work in the real world.

Contact us to see how we can help you make your digital marketing work in the real world.