Go Deep, Not Wide To Solve Your Marketing Challenges

Solve your marketing problems with partners

When you’re looking for a partner for your marketing, it’s tempting to choose the quick and easy one-stop shop solution. You know, the one that offers everything including email, SMS, loyalty, offer management, analytics all wrapped up in one simple system.

The problem is once you go to implement your marketing campaigns, you realize that their product offering is a mile wide, but their expertise is only an inch deep. Their solutions are so generalized that they cover all the bases, but they aren’t really great at anything they do.

Our philosophy at Sparkfly has always been to be the best at what we do, and not to toot our own horn, but we’re really good at it. Every member of our team is extremely knowledgeable about our products, and we’re proud of our ability to creatively solve our customers’ business problems effectively and efficiently.

However, to maintain this level of unparalleled expertise about our solutions, we keep our product offerings intentionally focused. So if you can’t solve your holistic marketing challenges with Sparkfly alone, where does that leave you?

Go Deep, Not Wide.

We want to encourage you to demand better products and raise your expectations of what it means to work with the best in class marketing solutions. You deserve the best email solution, the best SMS marketing solution, the best loyalty program, the best offer management program (hey, that’s us)!

We’ve created a network of providers who are considered best of breed that seamlessly integrate with Sparkfly. This means you’ll get the full depth of our partners’ expertise and customized solutions without sacrificing the holistic marketing ecosystem that makes your life easier and your campaigns more effective.

Here are a few of the partners we integrate with:

EMMA: Email Marketing

EMMA provides personal, relevant and timely email marketing for every step of the customer journey. With list segmentation, dynamic content, A/B testing, landing pages and more, EMMA provides smarter email marketing to connect your data, build your audience and manage your campaigns with ease.

ADM Marketing: Loyalty-based CRM and Direct Marketing Campaigns

ADM Marketing provides full-service direct marketing campaign management across all mediums from direct and dimensional mail through FSI’s, inserts, newspapers, websites, search engines and email. By segmenting your customer base over time, ADM helps focus resources for the best return, making it a valuable and cost-effective business driver.

Vibes: Mobile Messaging

Vibes creates a mobile-first brand experience that deepens brand loyalty, customizing and personalizing messages to be relevant throughout the customer journey. Keep customers informed and engaged with alerts about promotions, appointment reminders, shipment notifications, incentives for app usage and more.

Stellar Loyalty: Loyalty Provider

With Stellar Loyalty, combine marketing, ordering and rewards to motivate guest behavior and build consumer loyalty. Precisely target marketing, engage members, capture transactional details and reward consumers with a seamless cloud-based application.

Marketing Vitals: Business Intelligence and Analytics

Marketing Vitals uses data mining to discover what makes your customers tick, incentivize customers to return and ultimately grow your business. Turn data into dollars and pain points into growth as you pinpoint opportunities to better serve your customers and boost your success.

Bridg/Relevant Mobile: Email, Social, Loyalty and Customer Engagement Platform

Bridg provides transaction-powered solutions to create targeted audiences, email and SMS marketing and analyze customer lifecycle and engagement trends. Drive sales by connecting with actual customers, even those not in loyalty programs, in near real-time. 

IMImobile: Mobile Marketing Solutions

With IMImobile, quickly integrate and deliver new mobile and digital services to enable better customer engagement without the cost and complexity. Combine mobile with other digital campaigns and leverage innovative technology such as location-aware and real-time messaging without the hassle of custom development.

We believe that we’ve created the marketing dream team, and with these partners on your roster, you can conquer your marketing challenges with the expertise you deserve AND the efficiency you need.

Let us help you identify which partners are the right complements for your needs so you don’t settle for a mediocre marketing mix. Learn more about Sparkfly partners. Contact us today!