Celebrating Our Achievements, The Success of Others and Looking to the Future


Author: Catherine Tabor

Being an entrepreneur is an incredible journey. For me, it’s been so many things: challenging, rewarding, interesting and many times, fun. However, one thing that it has not been is easy. 

As Sparkfly launches our new website and blog, I have been thinking a lot about my personal journey and the evolution of our business. 

We have had some great successes over the last few years and we are excited to tell you about them! But, we have not done this alone. Our business and I personally have benefited from an incredible community of customers, advisors, shareholders and employees, many of them women, who have supported our efforts, believed in our vision and cheered us on!

Our blog will be committed to celebrating our own achievements and also the journeys and successes of others. Great people doing great things. People and companies who have persevered and agree that we can’t take no for an answer when we are pursuing our dreams.

So, to quote a great educator and activist, Mary Church Terrell, we are going to “lift as we climb” and celebrate inspiring efforts in this blog. We are excited to have you join us. Onward and upward!