It’s Time to Talk About Real-Time

Marketing in real-time

If you’re setting up your marketing campaign and planning to check your analytics a week later, you’re doing it all wrong. Many marketers STILL rely on long-term campaign performance metrics, overlooking the power of real-time data to make small (or big) adjustments along the way and missing the chance for little changes that create big impact.

Sparkfly provides the tools to gather real-time information on your campaigns, allowing you to optimize the campaign in flight.

Campaign isn’t performing the way you like? Change the creative or headline and reintroduce to see if sales get a boost.

Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars only to find out too late that the message wasn’t on target or your customers don’t actually read the magazine you put your advertisement in.

With Sparkfly, you can immediately see your return on investment and gain valuable insights based on ad performance and customer behavior. For example:

  • Where did your customers come from (Facebook, direct mail, etc.)?

  • What did your customers purchase?

  • What messaging resonates best with them?

You can go even deeper with A/B campaigns, testing different sets of messaging or offers to track what resonates with specific customers. For example, one group may respond well to brand-led creative (Burritos 2 Go is yummy!) while another prefers seasonal creative (Check out our new summer margaritas!).

Who’s Getting Real-Time Right?

  • Chipotle used Sparkfly’s real-time campaign optimization to power hundreds of new campaigns over a 6-month period, resulting in more than 2 million redemptions and more than 10x in revenue generated. Read more about the Chipotle Sparkfly solution.


  • Great Clips leveraged the power of Sparkfly’s real-time optimization to create a Customer Engagement Program and manage offers through social media, creating triple-digit ROI and winning a DMA ECHO award for best retail campaign in North America. Read more about the Great Clips Sparkfly solution.


  • Hooters adopted Sparkfly’s real-time optimization to overhaul offer and loyalty programs, allow them to track redemptions as they occurred and generate detailed transactional data including basket size, average spend, redemption frequency, purchase history and more. The program is currently running across 200 corporate locations. Read more about the Hooters Sparkfly solution.

Understanding your marketing spend and effectiveness in real-time allows you to make smarter decisions moving forward, maximizing your marketing dollars and exponentially amplifying your results. Learn more about how Sparkfly can help with real-time marketing implementation. Contact us today.