Remessaging: The Key to Consumer Connection

Remessage to consumers

Dozens of emails getting the unsubscribe button. A billboard ignored on the highway. Countless banner ads scrolled past on websites.

It’s no secret that consumers today are bombarded with more marketing messages than ever before.

It might seem like you have to work harder to reach your customers, but really you just need to work smarter.

At Sparkfly, we believe in the power of creating stronger relationship with customers through meaningful, not blanket, re-engagement tactics. By communicating with people in a way that is consistent with their actual behavior, your customers will feel understood, recognized, and rewarded (not spammed with more marketing noise).

Here are a few examples of how Sparkfly could help local restaurant Burritos 2 Go better connect with new customer Amy:

Amy clicks on a banner ad coupon for Burritos 2 Go

  • Sparkfly tells Burritos 2 Go that Amy likes to be communicated with via online banner ads (versus direct mail, email, SMS, etc.) so they don’t waste time trying to reach her through other media

Amy uses a coupon to purchase a vegetarian burrito bowl at Burritos 2 Go

  • Sparkfly tells Burritos 2 Go about Amy’s preferences, so when they target her again it’s personalized for her (for example, a coupon for chips and guac instead of a fajita beef burrito)

Amy purchases dinner for her and a friend by redeeming a Buy 1 Get 1 coupon from a banner ad

  • Sparkfly can remessage Amy on the same channel with a thank you message and/or similar offer based on her purchase and/or invitation to download a loyalty app, showing appreciation for her and reinforcing a personal brand connection

With real-time remessaging, Sparkfly continues the conversation with the customer after the transaction in a way that makes sense to them, strengthening the relationship and building brand loyalty.

If you’re not using personalized remessaging, you’re missing the easiest and most powerful opportunity to connect with your customers and expand your marketing options. Learn more about remessaging options through Sparkfly by contacting our team.