Beyond the Restaurant Regulars: Reaching the Other 80%

Beyond the Restaurant Regulars- Reaching the Other 80% .jpeg

Every morning on her way to the office, Emily stops in to grab a coffee at the local spot near work where the baristas and she are on a first name basis. She pulls out her loyalty app, logging her purchase and bringing her one day closer to yet another free drink. “See you tomorrow!” she chirps as she grabs her latte and forges ahead into another weekday workday.

Emily is what we’d call a regular, and she’s part of the 7-20% of customers engaged in the typical loyalty program.

While it’s arguably important to recognize and reward your best customers, sometimes it might feel like you’re just constantly giving away free fare to customers like Emily who would support you regardless of the freebies. After all, Emily’s likely going to keep coming in each morning––both out of habit AND loyalty.

At Sparkfly, we believe it’s great to reward the regulars, but we REALLY want to reach the other 80%.

We’re talking about the once-in-a-blue-moon, “I’ve always wanted to try that place” and the I-used-to-go-there crowds.

It’s no surprise that it can be incredibly difficult to engage this other 80%.

But that’s where Sparkfly comes in. We help you create a program that entices new customers, engages infrequent customers and attracts former customers by doing the very thing it was created to do: build loyalty.

Sparkfly works with you to go beyond your super consumers, using social media, display advertising, direct mail and more to target the 80% and build a foundation for true loyalty with surprise and delight offers.

Whether it’s a 20% off an entrée coupon or a free lemonade on a hot summer day, surprise and delight offers are the perfect way to connect with those hard-to-reach customers and build brand affinity. Give them an exciting reason to give you a try or a fun reminder to return, and there’s a good chance many of them will happily oblige.

For example, Sparkfly worked with Hooters to revamp their loyalty program, customizing loyalty offer distribution, tracking and validation and redemption through the Hooters mobile app. Since implementing the new loyalty program, Hooters has generated more than 255K redemptions and generated more than $7M in revenue, using data to tailor individual offers and rewards based on customer behavior and preferences while actively working to attract new customers.

There’s nothing that says you can’t keep rewarding your most loyal customers. In fact, we encourage it. But what could you gain from laying the groundwork for a stronger connection outside of your regulars?

If you’re ready to start reaching the other 80% with your loyalty program, contact Sparkfly today at 1.800.687.2359 or email