Getting to Know You: Creating a Single-View of Your Customers

Single View of Customers.jpg

You know when planning your marketing, there are countless variables to consider in targeting your audience.

But how well do you REALLY know your customers? 

And how would your marketing change if you could pinpoint exactly how your customers communicate and what/when/how they purchase?

With Sparkfly, clients can leverage our unique technology in coordination with CRM databases to create a single-view of the customer.

By unifying and examining purchasing and engagement behavior over time, you can better understand your customer preferences.

For example, we know that when Laura visits the burger joint near her home, she:

  • Typically visits on half-price burger Mondays between 7-9pm

  • Usually orders the signature limeade to drink and always orders a veggie burger

  • Sometimes redeems offers she received via SMS and through Facebook, but never redeems an email offer or a physical postcard coupon

So as the owner of the burger joint, would you continue to send Laura postcards through the mail and waste time targeting her via email? Or would you focus energy on reaching her via SMS and Facebook, her preferred media?

And once you’ve fine-tuned how to better communicate with Laura, how can you reward her loyalty and incentivize future purchase?

  • We know she loves the limeade, so text her a coupon to try the seasonal strawberry limeade

  • Half-price burger Monday is usually packed, so target her on Facebook with a coupon for a discounted burger on Tuesday night when sales are sluggish

  • (And don’t bother sending her your announcement for the new double steak burger... we’re betting she’s a vegetarian!)

The possibilities for how you leverage your customer data are endless, and a significant ROI is within reach.

Sparkfly worked with Great Clips to implement a Customer Engagement Program to setup and distribute customized offers based on consumer purchasing behaviors. By launching more frequent and timely campaigns, including hundreds of micro-targeted market-level campaigns in a given day, Sparkfly was able to achieve triple-digit ROIs for Great Clips who won a DMA ECHO award for the best retail campaign in North America.

Stop the spray and pray marketing. With Sparkfly, target your marketing and customize offers to resonate with your customers in ways previously impossible. You don’t have to bombard customers through every channel, but instead can save time and money with a single offer through one or two networks.

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