Powering a Unified Loyalty Program

About Hooters:

  • Over 400 corporate and franchised casual dining locations
  • Growing mid-market brand
  • Launched new mobile loyalty app to corporate locations

The Challenge:

  • Custom POS system did not have offer management technology

  • Wanted to provide loyalty offers in new mobile app and through HootClub

  • Needed a platform that could ultimately connect franchised locations running various disparate POS systems into the HootClub

The Sparkfly Solution:

  • Gave Hooters a platform that would scale the loyalty program across franchisees running other POS systems
  • In less than a month, leveraging Sparkfly’s flexible API, Hooters was able to fully integrate their custom POS system into the Sparkfly platform
  • Implementing Sparkfly’s Offer Management platform enabled customized loyalty offer distribution, tracking, validation, and redemption through the new Hooters mobile app
  • Enabled Hooters to execute on campaigns through digital marketing channels such as Hooters TV, social, print, display, and brand website
  • Sparkfly’s technology tracked redemptions in real-time and generated detailed transaction data including basket size, average spend, frequency of redemptions, purchase history, and more

The Results:

  • The program is currently running across 200 corporate locations and actively expanding into franchised locations  
  • Since program launch, Hooters has generated over 255k redemptions
  • More than $7M in revenue has been generated
  • Hooters gained the ability to use this data to tailor individual offers and rewards according to guest preferences

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“As an iconic brand with more than 30 years of history, Hooters has developed a strong following of loyal guests who appreciate the value that we deliver on a regular basis. When Hooters runs loyalty programs and offers, the consumer experience needs to be consistent across all forms of media and all physical locations. With Sparkfly’s technology integrated into the core of our transactional infra-structure, it offers a turnkey solution that will enable us to seamlessly deliver that experience for our guests.” - Chris Duncan, CIO of Hooters of America