New campaign management platform streamlines processes to improve productivity

About Chipotle:

  • Enterprise-level fast-casual brand

  • Over 2,400 in-store locations across North America

  • Ability to order in-store, online and in-app

The Challenge:

  • Creating gifting campaigns was labor-intensive and inefficient requiring Marketing, IT and their POS provider

The Sparkfly Solution:

  • Create and deploy campaign management technology that streamlined the flow of data between systems, empowered marketing and eliminated the hands-on support required from IT and their POS provider

  • Create an automated flow of information between their digital and print channel partners allowing for real-time campaign optimization

The Results:

  • 1 IT FTE available for reassignment

  • Reduction in ongoing POS support fees

  • Hundreds of new campaigns powered within the last 6 months

  • Over 2 million redemptions within the last 6 months

  • More than 10x in revenue generated within the first 6 months of initial launch

  • Houston Marathon Virtual Goodie bag: reusable code provided to runners and volunteers through a virtual goodie bag only redeemable at select locations

  • The Cheesy Sweater campaign: equated to a 6-figure increase in sales in 1 business day

  • Chipotle Mobile App Launch Campaign: allowed the user to download the app and the offer was placed directly in their Chipotle mobile wallet

What Our Clients Are Saying:

"We made a strategic decision to partner with Sparkfly as our offer management platform and we are extremely pleased with the results. Their platform is flexible, scalable and allows our marketing team to set up and execute campaigns quickly and easily. With thousands of locations to support, Sparkfly provides us with the capability to execute lifecycle marketing campaigns as well as support ongoing national and local offers and promotions. Working with their team has been great. They were able to enhance their product in order to meet our requirements and deliver on all of their commitments. Their innovation, technical expertise and hands-on approach makes them a valuable partner for Chipotle." - Kam Bozich, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Chipotle