First Watch

Coupon fraud prevention ranks #1 for First Watch

About First Watch:

  • Over 260 casual dining restaurants across 26 states
  • Expanding mid-market brand
  • Recognized by Technomic as one of the fastest growing restaurant brands

The Challenge:

  • With the introduction of their e-club and their desire to distribute high value offers to loyal customers, First Watch was excited but soon became concerned that these high value offers could be duplicated and redeemed outside of their targeted audiences. Without having a control mechanism in place, fraud was a major concern.         

The Sparkfly Solution:

  • Sparkfly’s Offer Management technology with real-time, single-use offer validation, eliminated the opportunity for the duplication and re-use of offers    
  • Sparkfly’s easy to use, intuitive, and scalable platform allowed First Watch to feel confident when releasing new targeted campaigns through multiple channels

  • Sparkfly took First Watch out of the e-club model into more flexible and trackable customer acquisition programs

The Results:

  • Eliminated redemption of fraudulent offers
  • Streamlined the in-store validation and redemption processes

  • 60+ Campaigns

  • $2.5M in revenue tracked

  • Confidently increased campaign distribution to channels like print and email

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“The digital promotion capability that Sparkfly offers improves operational efficiency at the restaurant level because guests can easily redeem offers from their mobile phones with single-use codes. Managers no longer need to approve paper coupons or set up multiple promotions in our POS system.” - Chris Tomasso, CEO, First Watch