Great Clips

Achieving triple-digit ROI and winning a DMA ECHO Award

About Great Clips:

  • Enterprise-level services brand
  • Over 4,300 in-store locations across North America (US & Canada)
  • 100% franchised

The Challenge:

  • Custom legacy POS system
  • Limited ability to do digital promotions
  • Large print distribution lacked 1:1 coupon tracking

The Sparkfly Solution:

  • Enhanced POS ecosystem with Sparkfly’s cloud-based Offer Management solution to enable the distribution, tracking, and real-time validation + redemption of 1:1 digital and print coupons
  • Support new Customer Journey Program with New, Good, Better, Great offers aimed at increasing customer frequency
  • Enabled Great Clips to create a Customer Engagement Program that made it easy to setup customized offers based on consumer purchase behaviors
  • Enabled Great Clips to optimize offers distributed through social media channels like Facebook and single use code distribution through the Great Clips app
  • Integrated 1:1 coupons into the Great Clips app

The Results:

  • Ability to target consumers with the right offers at the right time
  • Better controls that eliminate coupon fraud
  • Ability to optimize marketing spend at the corporate and franchised levels
  • Streamlined in-store coupon redemption process flow for stylists
  • Empowered Great Clips to launch more frequent and timely campaigns
  • Running hundreds of micro targeted market-level campaigns on any given day
  • Sparkfly’s recent campaigns for Great Clips resulted in triple-digit ROIs and won a DMA ECHO award for the best retail campaign in North America

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Sparkfly has been awesome! With their platform, we’re able to launch offers in a whole new way. It’s helping us meet our sales goals faster and it’s really exciting for our franchisees. Thanks to Sparkfly and their knowledgeable, experienced team, our business and marketing have evolved. I can’t recommend them enough to other retailers!” - Heather Briggs, Sr. Director of Marketing Planning, Great Clips