Chipotle builds on foundational campaign management platform to launch loyalty and expanded digital programs.

About Chipotle:

  • Enterprise-level fast-casual brand

  • Over 2,400 in-store locations across North America

  • Ability to order in-store, online and in-app

The Challenge:

  • Chipotle, as a leader in digital technology to promote their brand and their focus on Food with Integrity, understood that the expansion of online digital ordering and recognizing their loyal customers with rewards was a critical next step in their digital expansion. As they expanded their marketing footprint into these growth initiatives, leveraging a central offer management system and workflow to provide a frictionless customer experience was paramount.

    • choose best of breed technologies for loyalty and online ordering while maintaining the core infrastructure and established processes

    • maintain tight management and control of all offers and rewards to insure the integrity of their targeted initiatives

    • ability to surprise and delight their customers with no limitations

The Sparkfly Solution:

  • Chipotle leveraged Sparkfly’s turnkey, patent-protected technology platform and integration with their POS system to drive the loyalty capture, reward issuance and redemption in their in-store, online and in-App ordering platforms.

    • provided real-time capture and validation of loyalty accounts

    • maintained a single customer wallet for storage and application of offers and loyalty rewards 

    • tied dynamic offers to campaigns to measure true revenue and campaign performance in realtime

The Results:

  • YOY growth of 100+% in digital sales while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction

  • More than 3,000,000 new loyalty accounts activated and supported via Sparkfly within the first 3 months following the Chipotle Rewards program debut 

  • Allowed launch of advanced in-App and online features providing frictionless redemption of offers and rewards

  • Launched, tracked and managed redemptions for more than 10 million rewards within the first 3 months 

  • Expanded digital and social marketing campaigns like Freeting during the NBA finals

  • Dynamically generated single use codes that eliminated the fear of campaign fraud and supports real-time redemptions

  • Established a single global offers wallet to store all earned rewards from loyalty to social to surprise and delight

  • Leveraged Sparkfly’s dynamic, high value platform to enable continued innovation on digital marketing initiatives

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Just as we are committed to using high-quality, real ingredients in our restaurants; we knew using top-tier technology providers was critical to the success of our digital experience. Sparkfly allows us to dynamically interface with both in-store and above-store technology and provides all of the capabilities we need to meet our long-term goals.” - Curt Garner, Chief Technology Officer, Chipotle Mexican Grill