Accuvia Software Group Partners with Sparkfly to Provide an Advanced Consumer Engagement Solution for Retailer

The integrated solution will provide actionable insights and attribution for the retailer’s digital consumer engagement activities from the point of engagement through the purchase at point of sale.

Accuvia Software Group LLC (ASG), a Chicago-based retail software solutions company, today announced their partnership with Sparkfly, provider of a digital measurement and attribution platform, to offer an advanced consumer engagement solution for retailers. The integrated solution will provide actionable data and insights for the retailer’s digital consumer engagement activities from the point of distribution and engagement through the purchase at point of sale.

Retailers use advertising, social media and other tools to promote their business and encourage consumers to shop in their stores. Most retailers use promotions and offers as a method to attract and incent consumers. However, some of the biggest in hibitors retailers face with their consumer engagement marketing activities are the lack of actionable insights, attribution and real-time control of the campaign once it is underway.

Sparkfly offers a turnkey platform enabling the real time, item-level redemption tracking of digital promotions, from any media channel at the physical point of sale. Capturing the purchases made in-store and mapping them back to originating media.

Accuvia Software Group specializes in the retail technology used in store by the retailers including point of sale and other digital touch points such as kiosks, digital sign and mobile apps. Accuvia Software Group has partnered with Sparkfly to combine external digital media channels together with the in-store digital touch points to provide a holistic view of the retailer’s consumer engagement activities.

Accuvia Software Group has integrated their in-store platform in a way that will manage and track the consumer engagement using the Sparkfly reporting tools. This includes complete visibility from the point of engagement with the consumer, through the point of sale transaction including insights on the total purchase.

“Using the combined solution, a retailer can create a marketing campaign to engage consumers, both in store and with external media, and manage it in one place,” said Catherine Tabor, CEO of Sparkfly. “The combined solution of Sparkfly and Accuvia Software Group will give the retailer deep insights into the most productive forms of engagement and allow the retailer to control the distribution of offers to the consumer real-time throughout the campaign.”

“This is a key component of our overall consumer engagement strategy,” said Michael Hess, CEO of Accuvia Software Group. “This is a very exciting solution when combined with our ability to identify the consumer in store so that the marketing and promotional activity can be personalized for each individual consumer.”

Accuvia Software Group, Sparkfly and Elo will be demonstrating their combined solution at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Conference from January 15th through January 17th in New York City. To learn more, please visit to book your appointment.

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About Sparkfly

Sparkfly is a leading provider of solutions that capture consumer purchase data and provide immediately redeemable consumer offers. It is the only digital solution that permits the creation and distribution of personalized offers via the web or mobile devices, redeemable at the point of sale. This patented technology delivers highly efficient and sophisticated promotional campaigns using existing POS systems without additional in-store hardware or software. The platform can reward consumers based on purchase frequency or volume and target offers based on purchase behavior. For more information, go to