Is your digital marketing seeing real results in the real world?


Relationship Realization

Relationship Realization

Sparkfly uses Relationship Realization to make digital marketing work in the real world.

Through innovative technology, we provide a platform to fully realize the customer relationship from digital platforms to physical contact to in-store sales.

You’ll see exactly how, why, and how well your digital marketing is working.  



Offer Management provides insight into the revenue generated from every campaign through every channel. We identify interested customers through their interaction with advertisements in the digital world and assign them an ID that can be tied into an app, online or in-store experience. We track every detail of their transactions (date, time, location, server, price, etc.) and evaluate it against data on their digital behavior.

By examining the information gathered, we can provide full end-to-end understanding of customer acquisition, campaign and channel performance, conversion drivers and opportunities to test new marketing messaging and creative. With Offer Management, you can measure and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing in real-time, optimizing channels and creating more relevant relationships with customers. Offer Management also provides the tools for personalized re-messaging and single use codes for protection against coupon fraud.

Key Features:

  • Simplify operations and prevent fraud

  • Real-time callbacks keep you engaged with your customers

  • Optimize campaigns through in-depth analysis and prescriptive insights

  • Capture impression + transaction data in real-time

  • Gain unprecedented insight into the relationship of your customers to your campaigns

  • Leverage personalized re-messaging

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Dynamic Receipt Messaging tracks customer behavior and allows you to print individually targeted messages on customer receipts based on their purchase or behavior. Our system allows you to create custom “If, then” scenarios that determine which offers are printed. For example, customers purchasing kid’s meals might receive an offer for a “Kids Eat Free” night.

With Dynamic Receipt Messaging, you can provide your customers with the offers most relevant to them in real-time while rewarding and reinforcing brand loyalty.

Key Features:

  • Target customers individually on receipts based on purchasing behavior
  • Provide tailored offers in real-time
  • The right promotions drive higher redemption rates, spend, and frequency


With Transaction Services, Sparkfly can capture all transactional details, not just transactions redeemed through Sparkfly. If multiple POS systems are connected, Transaction Services can expand outside of rewards and coupons and collect data in a CRM or an analytics system for tracking purposes.

By comparing customers redeeming offers versus customers without offers to track spend, frequency and other relevant metrics, you can more effectively evaluate the success of your offer-based marketing campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Automatically engage with consumers
  • Connect multiple POS systems to capture all transactional details
  • Collect data in CRM or analytics system
  • Better track the success of offer-based marketing campaigns


Advanced Offers is a tailored version of a loyalty program that provides the key functionality of a standard loyalty program but doesn’t require a customer to provide their personal information. Through Advanced Offers, customers receive a unique ID that is used to accumulate points based on spend or visit frequency and allows you to send “surprise and delight” offers to customers.

By simply providing the customer with a unique ID, we’ve eliminated the need for an expensive front-end user experience, app and login while still delivering the perks of a traditional loyalty program.

Key Features:

  • Reward member loyalty with offers that increase frequency and spend
  • Provide perks of loyalty program without expensive and unnecessary features
  • Offer points based on spend and visit frequency

With Sparkfly, you’ll see exactly why and how well your digital marketing is working.

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